I’m a systems adviser or, in other words, an overpriced consultant. The heart of my role is to find the simplest combination of systems & processes to help you streamline & scale your business. It’s challenging work because each day I’m faced with people resistant to change, deeply-entrenched habits, staff covering their non-incentivised tracks and managers too busy to realise that their work week could be halved. Why do I do it?…Because I’m passionate about staff being inspired to go the extra mile for customers, passionate about people brave enough to take a few days off to turn around their businesses, passionate about building & refining beautiful systems.

Rich Peterson | SA

Rich Peterson has spent the last 10 years planning, mapping & reimagining the systems/processes of hundreds of SMBs. Whether the goal is more money, more time, more clarity or more customer smiles, the painful process is worth every minute for our successful clients.